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Sinai plane crash: Bomb fears prompt Sharm flights suspension

All flights between the UK and Sharm el-Sheikh have been suspended on Wednesday evening as UK experts assess security at the Egyptian airport.

Number 10 said flights had been delayed as a "precautionary measure" after "more information has come to light".

Russian Airbus 321 crashed on Saturday, killing all 224 people on board.

"We would underline that this is a precautionary step and we are working closely with the airlines on this approach," a Number 10 spokesman said.

Aviation experts have travelled to Egypt to make an assessment of the security arrangements at the Egyptian airport and expect to complete an investigation tonight.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the delays would allow UK experts time to make sure "the right security measures are in place".

"We can not categorically say why the Russia jet crashed but we have become concerned that the plan may well have been brought down as a result of an explosive device," he said.

BBC transport correspondent Richard Westcott said there was some concern over airport security screening in Sharm el-Sheikh.
2,000 holidaymakers

The government said it recognised that the latest advice "may cause concern" for Britons already in the holiday resort and for those planning to travel, saying people should contact their airline or tour operators.

Extra consular staff have been deployed to the airport.

Foreign Office travel advice for passengers travelling to Egypt has not changed.

The BBC's Christian Fraser says there are around 2,000 British holidaymakers currently in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Simon Calder, travel editor at the Independent, said "hundreds" more holidaymakers are due to fly back on Thursday or Friday, saying airlines might fly empty planes to Egypt in order to bring people home.

The suspension of flights was "slightly humiliating" for Egyptian authorities, BBC security correspondent Frank Gardener said.

Our correspondent said the action comes as there have been "growing suspicions" the Russian plane was brought down by an explosive device, possibly by a bomb smuggled into the plane's cargo hold.

The Metrojet flight bound for St Petersburg from Sharm el-Sheikh came down in Egypt's Sinai desert.

Prime Minister David Cameron is to chair a meeting of the government's Cobra emergency committee later to review the situation.

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