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Best beauty tips for beautiful pink rose lips  

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Every woman likes to have pink and rosy lips. Pinkish lips enhance her beauty and brightens her face. Pink lips are a sign of good health and so require proper care. Lips are the most delicate part of the face that have no oil glands and so need external care to keep them soft and supple. The most common cause for dark lips are exposure to the sun, UV rays, smoking, allergies, hormonal imbalance and age.

There are several lip balms and lipsticks to make the lips look pinkish but they may have some harmful effect. There are number of homemade natural scrubs and remedies to make the lips look rosy in an effective manner.

Who wouldn’t desire to have soft, supple and pink lips. But given to the pollution and the harsh conditions around us and not to forget our hectic schedule we are left with little to no options to get take proper care of ourselves.

What is the cause of getting dull lips? There may be lot of factors that turns your lips dry, chapped or no shine. Some of them are due to harmful sun rays, drinking and smoking habit, more licking of lips, dehydration, deficiency of vitamin and fatty acids and also the use of medications. Cut down drinking any hot items like coffee and tea which makes your lips dark.

Today we shall discuss about few home made remedies that will help us attain that soft pink lips easily and quickly. So no more excuses, just grab these ingredients and get started now.

Homemade natural remedies for pink lips
Cream and saffron remedy

Take 1 tsp. milk, 1tsp. milk cream and add few strand of saffron in it. Mix all the ingredients together and store it in the fridge. When cool apply it on your lips and clean it off with a cotton pad.

Milk and rose petals

Take 1tbsp milk and add few red rose petals in it. Crush the petals in the milk till the milk gets pinkish color. Take out the petals and store the milk in the fridge. When it cools down add 1tsp of almond powder in it and mix it into a thick paste. Apply it on your lips and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Remove it with wet cotton pads. Using this remedy will make your lips soft, shiny and will help you in maintain nice pink lips.red-rose-petals

Immerse some rose petals in milk for some time. Then blend them into a fine thick an apply it on your lips. This is proven to give amazing results. You may even use glycerin as a substitute for milk.
Beetroot with milk cream

Combine some drops of beetroot juice or pomegranate juice with a tsp of milk cream. This mixture has wonderful effects on the cracked lips and also helps in bringing back the pink color of your lips.beetroot-juice

Honey is the best ingredient used to nourish all skin types. It can even be used to moisturize your lips. Just mix 1/2 tsp of honey with 1/2 tsp of lemon juice and apply it on the lips. Leave it for few minutes and wash it off with cold water.  You will notice that your pale and chapped lips has become soft and pinkish within fraction of minutes.Honey,-Almond-Oil-and-Sugar

Apply tomato paste and milk cream for soft pink lips.tomato-paste

Using of ghee or butter or saffron are the natural remedies preferred to use for getting shiny and pink lips.ghee-or-butter-or-saffron

Here’s another Ayurvedic tips for lips-soak raisins in water overnight and eat it on an empty stomach.raisins

Here’s another Ayurvedic tips for lips-soak raisins in water overnight and eat it on an empty stomach.
Carrot juice

Like beetroot juice the carrot juice also gives a similar benefit to the lips. Take a carrot juice in small bowl. Soak the cotton pad in the juice and apply to the lips. Apply continuously when your lips get dry. The vitamins in carrot juice will add color to your rosy lips.Carrot-juice
Cucumber slices

To brighten the color of your lips rub the cucumber slices for couple of minutes. This results you to gain more pink lips naturally. Since cucumber is really good for the skin, you can simple consume it along with applying its juice.
cucumber slices
Peel of orange

Are you throwing the orange peel after eating orange? Do you know how it is useful for your lips? Orange peel treats the dark looking lips by giving extra brightness. Sure your lips will blush like anything. Rub the orange peel on lips for two minutes and check the results.Peel-of-orange
Olive oil

Oils are also used to get pinky and rosy lips. Use olive oil along with honey and lemon juice for gaining good pink lips. Combining of these three looks like a balm and apply it to the lips daily.Olive-oil
Mint juice

Mint juice and rose water are good sources that you can use for gaining pink looking lips.The mixture of mint juice and rose water can be effectively applied to get beautiful and pink lips. Be the one to stay hydrated with the mint juice.
Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub works as excellent lips exfoliate Apply a thick paste of sugar and butter and use it as a scrub for the lips. . Sugar helps in getting rid of unwanted dead cells on the lips and butter will help to improve the color and add gloss to the lips.Sugar-scrub
Turmeric Scrub

Make a paste of turmeric powder and milk and apply it on the lips after cleaning the lips gently with a soft tooth brush. After 2-3 minutes rub it again with a soft tooth brush. Pat the lips with towel and apply a natural lip balmTurmeric-Scrub
Lemon Juice

Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties and so is the best remedy to lighten dark lips. It can also remove dark patches and spots from the lips. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on the lips before sleeping.Lemon-Juice
Raspberry scrub

Raspberry contains essential minerals and vitamins that make the lips vibrant and bubbly. Make a paste by mixing raspberry with aloe Vera and pure honey. Message and scrub the lips with this paste and rinse it off after 10 minutes.Raspberry-scrub

Homemade Strawberry Lip balm

Apply a mixture of strawberry pub and petroleum jelly to get naturally smooth pink lips.Homemade-Strawberry-Lip-balm

    Honey, Almond Oil and Sugar should be mixed together. Apply this mixture on the lips and massage it for 10 minutes.
    Coriander juice, carrot juice and mint juice are all beneficial for soft and pink lips.Coriander-juice,-carrot-juice-and-mint-juice
    Apply milk cream that is got from boiled milk to moisturize the lips and keeps them soft.milk-cream
    Raw potato rubbed on the lips helps to lighten the dark color.Raw-potato

Lip Exercises for getting pink rose lips

1. Massage your lips daily with a lip cream(with vitamin E in it) before going to the bed.
2. Gently massage your laugh line with index fingers in upward stroke movement.
3. Put index fingers on the corners of your lips and massage clockwise and anti-clockwise.
4. Put index finger on the corner of your lips and this time massage by moving them inwards.
5. Clean your lips with a wet cotton pad. Apply a good quality lip balm on your lips and make sure that they give protection from the sun as well.

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