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LTTE Attack In Sri Lanka  

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This week, the leaks within the Liberal Party went beyond the rumblings of disgruntled backbenchers to the very heart of the party's leadership and executive.

First there was The Australian's claim (since derided as "fanciful" and "false" by the Prime Minister) that the Abbott Government had considered a "unilateral invasion of Iraq" involving 3,500 Australian troops.

Then there was Fairfax's publication of excerpts from two candid and blunt emails from party treasurer Phil Higginson, who threatened to resign and said the Liberal Party was being afflicted by a conflict of interest created by the husband-and-wife pairing of the Prime Minister's chief of staff, Peta Credlin, and the party's federal director, Brian Loughnane.

For many, the destabilisation is reminiscent of that experienced by the ALP during the recent Gillard and Rudd years, but damaging leaks have a much longer history in Australian politics.

Here is but a sampling of some of the more sensational leaks of the past 30 to 40 years.
'Mean and tricky'

The leaks currently facing the Liberals recall the leaked memo faced by the party in 2001.

Party president Shane Stone had written a private note to prime minister John Howard which referred to concerns among MPs that the Government was being perceived as "mean and tricky" as well as out of touch, with treasurer Peter Costello and National Party leader John Anderson singled out for criticism.

The memo came to haunt the Howard government after it found its way into an article by Laurie Oakes in the Bulletin magazine on the eve of a federal budget, with the phrase "mean and tricky" going on to become a favourite of the government's political opponents.
Who leaked the budget?

Both John Howard and Laurie Oakes were also at the centre of a massive political leak in 1980.

Oakes revealed the entirety of the federal budget on the night before then treasurer Howard was meant to deliver it, in what remains one of the biggest leaks in Australia's history.

"I had a copy in my hand for a total of 15 minutes and garbled into a tape and read the whole budget. Later I had to transcribe my own garble, which was quite difficult," he said.

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