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The annual report is the most important communication tool of a corporate, indicating a company’s corporate governance standards. The level of disclosure and transparency displayed in an annual report, about the performance of the company, is a key component of good corporate governance.

"Therefore, it is with great pride that I announce that the 2013 annual report of the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC (now known as Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka & Finance PLC) was conferred the "Gold Award" in the Leasing Category, by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, at the 50th Annual Report Awards Ceremony held recently", says M. R. Shah, Chairman, MBSL.

"I emphasise that this award is not merely another trophy to be displayed on a wall. The Gold Award represents the high standard of reporting and disclosure maintained by the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC, as a leading national financial institution. Through this process of transparent communications we strive to meet our obligations towards investors and other stakeholders by presenting an accurate and detailed picture of how we conduct our business", he said.

As a public entity the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC strives to be not only financially sustainable but also socially and environmentally conscious of our responsibilities towards our wider society. Recognition of our report, by an independent body such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, is the best proof of our high reporting standards, the Chairman stressed.

"Through the years, the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC has continued to improve its internal governance system that has resulted in improved performance and better quality of financial services for the public of Sri Lanka. We are greatly encouraged that our efforts have been recognised and acknowledged through this Gold Award", Mr. Shah said.

"I take this opportunity to express my appreciations to our external Auditors, M/s. SJMS Associates for their valuable contribution and also the annual report company, Redworks, the latest prodigy of Phoenix O&M, for their dedication and expertise in designing and compiling this award winning document", he said.


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